29 February 2024 6:32 pm

Statement From Our Systems Administrator

Hi Everyone,

My name is Alan and I do the Systems Administrator work for the website currently named Z-Live (We are working on a re-branding following pro-Russian sides adopting the Z after the invasion of Ukraine). Over the past month, a campaign, led by trans activist and refugee Clara Sorrenti, calling for Cloudflare to stop providing services for the alt-right hate forum Kiwifarms has been gaining momentum.

We support this campaign, and we call on everyone to support this campaign, check out the website Drop Kiwifarms

On August 31st, Cloudflare released a less-than-satisfactory statement regarding their policy on abuse. Essentially they state that after they took down The Daily Stormer and 8chan, “authoritarian regimes” were asking them to take down human rights orgs’ sites using the logic they used in their statement. Due to this, rather than taking down a website that is actively doxxing at-risk individuals, they’ve decided to let it fester. But don’t worry, they claim they donate 100% of the money they receive from hate sites to a charity supporting the groups the hate sites hate.

Finally, why am I writing this as a statement from the systems administrator rather than as an article? At the current moment, we use Cloudflare for DNS and DDoS protection, we are on the free tier. We call for other websites to analyse their usage of Cloudflare services and downsize their plan with Cloudflare, forcing them to take action against the hate sites by hitting them where it hurts most, their pockets.