29 February 2024 7:06 pm

Trans Rights activists rally in Cork


On Saturday the 26th of Febuary the Transgender Rights Coalition, a new organisation held a large rally in Cork city to call on the Government and Public Officials to implement equal healthcare rights to Trans people. The event garnered around a hundred supporters and hosted a number of speakers who told stories of their personal expierences going through the torture of endless waiting lists and HSE bureaucracy, one sign at the event read “Your waitlists are killing us!”. These messages show the reality that Trans people in Ireland must face everyday of being nothing but an after thought to the health service and the Department of Health. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/947194284694708305/947604460513947748/DSCF4946.jpg

The protest saw a turnout from local groups such as ROSA and People Before Profit in support, their was also very positive reactions from passerby who shared the activists anger at the HSE and it’s wholly inadequate services for Trans people. The event was mainly attened by young people and this reflects the organisation of the TRC as a group started for and by Trans youth to take direct action such as this and it hopes to take more actions in the future in Cork and beyond.

I reached out to the Transgender Rights Coalition for a statement on their vision and aim going forward and recieved the following:

Our demands most moderate are: we only want the earth. – J. Connolly, 1907

As the world stands divided, end to end, the Trans Rights Coalition (TRC) has formed itself in remembrance to those who have lost their fights to the struggles of trans oppression, and to stand hand in hand as we march into the future.

It is known, to those who shake with indignation at the inequalities good people suffer each and every day, that the LGBTQ+ community in Ireland has suffered constant oppression be it political, economical, or regarding the focus of our cause: healthcare.

It has now revealed itself, with historical evidence, that the hopes of our freedom cannot be placed on the sensibility of politicians and the political system, but depends on us to protest, rally and take action in order to create a change. Now that we know this concrete, material, truth we are ready, with boundless energy in our hearts and our hopes placed in the future, to spread our voices – to make it a certainty that we will be heard.”


The TRC has made its aims clear and their activists are some of the most enthusiastic and motivated activists i have ever met and i look forward to seeing their future endevours which i am confident will be able to put pressure on the Government through on the street action led by Irelands young Trans people and their allies.

(Picture Credits: @mrjacobie)

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